Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spiderman Cakes

This day has been awesome so far! My boss just told me to take off early from work and 'enjoy the sunshine.' I was like, holla! I've got so many things to do in Fayetteville so it was great that she let me do that. I have to go to Ricks and pick out a Spiderman cake for Landon's birthday. I got his skates yesterday! They're so cute! I can't wait to see how he'll do in them. He told Kyle that for his birthday he wants 'a Holly dog and a pool table.' I think he's gonna get 'a Holly dog' for his home in Tampa.
I need to return something at the mall that I've decided I can live without. I'm more than broke right now....I need to not spend anymore money for the rest of the month. Shouldn't be hard since there's none left to spend.
Mom and Holly are coming to Fayetteville for the week! I'm so excited!! Us girls are gonna hang out and have a good time.
I'm really hungry....I could totally use some french fries from Slims with a side of Cayanne Ranch. YUUUUMMM!!! Too bad that would take up all of my calories for today and tomorrow if I followed through with it...
Scott called me earlier and totally teased me. He was like 'I've got the best news ever!!' I was like, OMG, HEINZ CALLED??? Nope. This special burger that he loves from Backyard Burger is back for a limited time. Such a nerd and a total letdown.
I woke up at 5:15 this morning because Scott and I decided to stay in Little Rock and drive to our destinations today instead of late last night. I'm so tired! I have no doubt I'll sleep good tonight.
I guess that's all. Here's a funny video that Jake, Jaclyn, and I took of little Rose trying to jump on the couch. She just jumps way too soon to make it up there. She'll have it down pat soon. Enjoy!

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