Friday, April 24, 2009


You know what I love? I love taking my nightly bath really early in the evening and putting on one of Scott's big t-shirts and and some of my pajama pants. I just did that and I enjoy it very much.
Today was an average day. I did get my 20 dollar tip from a 25 dollar haircut which is always exciting. It's rare to happen but occasionally it does. I once got a 100 dollar tip off a color service. I nearly peed my pants I was so excited! The end of my day was slow and when work is slow, I get sleepy. There's nothing worse than being at work and wanting to lay your head down on a table but you can't because that would probably be inappropriate.
Anyways, I don't really have much to say. This week hasn't been very eventful. I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed my mom and Holly coming up here. We're all heading down to Little Rock tomorrow for Landon's birthday. Mom and Holly will probably go earlier than me since I have to work until 5. I have to do updo's for prom tomorrow even though I don't do up-do's. These girls will leave crying because their hair will look like a disaster. I feel really bad and I told the salon I can't do them but we've got so many girls wanting them that they had to put me down for some. If you want pretty waves or a good pageant 'all the way down with a big poof' look I can handle it. If you want crunchy curls piled up on top of your head I can't help you out. And you know that's what all these girls want. One girl left last week with 4 tendrals falling down her face. SO UGLY!!!! Why do they want to look like that? Every girl at the salon hates updo's and dreads doing them. I'm going to need some serious help from the other ladies. Scott was like, 'you can do it.' I was like, ' updo's will look just as good as yours would.' Totally not kidding. I'm miserable just thinking about it. My armpits will be sweating all day tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.
Alright well, I guess I'll go pour myself a glass of wine since I just remembered I have that to look forward to tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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