Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kris and Crabbys

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited Kris Allen has made it to the finals!!! Kris is going to get all of Danny's votes and he's totally going to win this thing. I called it. I so called it. A LONG time ago!!! There's lots of folks out there who'll think Adam is just way over the top. Sure he's talented...incredibly talented....but most people would rather listen to Kris Allen's style than Adam Lamberts. And not to bash Adam to make Kris look better and all but all of Adam's songs are the same. Slow starting, very dramatic, with a large Mariah Carey note at the end. I'm over that. Give me a creative rendition of Kanye West and I'm on board. Kris mixes it up....Adam does not. He's so predictable. And P.S. I guess I'm so confused why everyone is more in love with Danny than Kris?? I'm not on board with all that. WHAT is the deal? Kris is so much better and's not because he's from Arkansas.
I ate my yummy Crabbys Southwestern Cobb salad for lunch and it was SOOOO good! Let me tell you what's on it. Tiny chopped grilled chicken, chopped bacon, tomatoes, jalapenos, and a glob of guacamole on top with southwestern ranch dressing (on the side). Mmmm!!! So good! I could eat it every day. For din I had shrimp and veggies again. It's so good....and SOOOO few in calories.
I'm about to head up to Bentonville to spend the night at the chateau Randall Johnson. I've stayed at my place all week but I didn't get enough sleep last night (because of the scariness) so I'm headed up there to get a good long shut eye. I guess I should get movin. Night night!!!

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