Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol and Miss Cali

Today dragged on and on. I had 1 appointment today and that was my friend, Jaclyn. Since the first day I've been at my job, I've had no less than 4 appointments a day. 1. 1? What is that about. This rain needs to quit because it's making my bank account come up a touch short.
I became so bored today that I decided to read the paper. Snore! People who know me from high school may find it as quite a surprise that I find reading a paper boring for 2 reasons: 1, I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper & 2, I had a weekly column in the El Dorado News Times my senior year in high school that ran every Tuesday. (Very Carrie Bradshaw of me but without all the sex talk) Reading my hometown newspaper or my high school newspaper is interesting but I'm not interested in someones far left sided opinion on Rham Emanuel in the Democrat Gazette. Or what the score of the Fayetteville Bulldogs vs Ft. Smith Southside baseball game was. I dunno. Just not interested. Maybe the longer I live here I will. In the El Dorado paper though, you take the rubber band off the rolled up paper and know every person that's in the paper....and the people who wrote the column. Here, I'm like....who??? Not entertaining. Anyways...done with that.
I ate lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn and it was yummy. They have a new half and half menu now. So you can get half of anything (spud, salad, sandwich, soup) and it's awesome! I've gotten Jaclyn hooked on the Lose It! app and she's doing it now too starting today. She's got a wedding coming up and wants to look like a sexy momma for it! Me too...for her wedding. Those pictures last forever....
I ate dinner tonight...at Brad and Jaclyns. Haha. I'm very much a third wheel when Scott's away. We watched Idol tonight and Kris Allen's version of Heartless was A MAY ZING. I wasn't into apologize so much but heartless blew me away. So good!!!! I hope so bad he makes it to the finals. I will be on pins and needles tomorrow night. I think he's the best one and that's not because he's from Arkansas. If all of those boys were on the radio at the same time, I would choose to sing along with Kris. I love his style. It's very Barret Baber at On The Rocks...drinking a cocktail with the wind blowing through my hair, as I sit in a raggedy white chair on the roof top in the summer time with my cute husband mingling with his frat bros behind me as I gaze at Barret singing Easy and Purple Rain. Which is perfection in my mind. I love nothing more in the summer than a night like that. Ahhh....rain should go away so I can do that soon!!
Props to The Donald for keeping Miss California on. WHAT is the deal with all of this? She is being crucified for stating her opinion....which she was asked to do!! People are acting like she's an alien from Mars who's come up with this whole idea on her own of marriage being between a man and a woman. I don't get it? She's not the only person in the world that feels like that. 70% of Americans agree with her. BACK OFF!! It doesn't matter if you agree with her or not. She was asked to give her opinion, she did it, therefore being punished for her beliefs? I think that's totally messed up. If I didn't love celebrity gossip so much, and if his information wasn't so juicy and accurate, I would totally abandon Perez Hilton's site. No can do though since I'm addicted. I feel sorry for her. How much you want to bet she'll be an anchor for Fox News in 2011?
Alright well....I need to get ready for bed. I didn't get good sleep last night and I had actual bags under my eyes this morning. I can't believe how old my body is getting. 3 years ago that wouldn't have happened. It's sad. Before long I'll have gray hair and age spots from tanning. NOOO!!!! Night!

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