Monday, May 11, 2009

Shrimp and Vegetables

Wow last week went by fast! I realized today that I haven't blogged in a week so this could be a long one.
Work is still going good. It's been a little slow because of all the rain. People don't like to get their hair done then step outside and have it get ruined so a lot of people opt to not show up. I get it I guess. Friday and Saturday were super busy though like always. I guess everyone has decided those are the best days for hair to be done. I had an interesting encounter on Saturday. I had about 2 hours with no clients so all the walk-in's came my way. Well, around lunch, in walks one of Scott's old girlfriends. I was the only one that could do her hair which made for an awkward situation for the both of us. We choose to pretend like we had no idea who each other were until the very end when she brought him up.
I called Scott to tell him and he laughed and said 'sorry about that.' Scott makes life difficult in these ways as I seem to have to encounter his ex-girlfriends quite often. One works at the tanning place I go to so I get to see her a couple of times a week. Neat. We pretend like we don't know each other too. I'm not so much to be that way with an ex encounter (mine or my husbands) but everyone else seems to feel that's the best way to do it so I just go with it.
Today I went shopping since it was my day off. It would have been a good time to have about $2,000 just laying around because I would have spent every dime of it. How come you always find all kinds of cute stuff when you have no money? So annoying.
I had a good weekend with Scott. We went out Saturday night to Theos! It was a good time. We met up with some of Scott's friends and chilled. I went way over on my calories that night as I had: 1 glass of champagne, 2 pomegranate martinis, 2 glasses of wine, and 1 beer. If you're wondering if I felt like butt hole the next morning the answer is yes. It all just tasted really good. I didn't want to stop!
My parents came up for the weekend but it was for work so I probably saw them for 2 hours total most of that being lunch for Mothers Day. I actually didn't get to see much of Scott either because he helped my parents work and I was at work myself on Saturday. We never seem to get to have much alone time when he comes up for the weekend. It gets a touch frustrating. Oh well. Hopefully that's over soon?? Who the crap knows. I'm over it. (Bitter Betty Here)
Alright's 7:00 on the dot (I'm in my drop top crusin the street...sorry I had to) and I'm about to cook some shrimp and vegetables and pour me some wine. No good shows really on tonight. DWTS I guess and The Hills. TTYL People!

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