Sunday, June 28, 2009


I never blog anymore because I feel like I never have anything interesting to blog about! Yesterday my wedding video came in the mail!! Scott and I made a night of it and watched the whole thing. It's so great and I'm hoping I can figure out a way to put some of it on my blog for all of you to watch! Stay tuned for that....
Jake came up this weekend to visit Jaclyn and me and we had a really great time! We had a lovely dinner at Bordinos and layed out in Jaclyn's parents pool and went to church and ate yummy lunches together and it was great!
So I never open mail. Boring mail that is like bills and stuff. I just leave all of that up to Scott. Well, today Scott discovered an envelope I hadn't ever opened since January and it was this rebate thing from this company with a check in it for $175!! Woo hoo. Always exciting! I guess it really does pay to open those babies up from time to time!
I should be more involved with our finances and stuff like that. But I'm married to a financial analyst...what's the point? I have NO IDEA about anything like that. I couldn't tell you how much is in our bank account or what things cost. Scott just tells me what I can and can't do with money and I totally prefer it that way. I know some of you women out there think that's probably sooooo 1943 of me but I don't care. It's less pressure and easier that way as far as I'm concerned.
My phone is officially broken. Scott and I went to go get me the new iphone today and they don't have any in the store. They said they could order me one but it will take a week to get it in. In the mean time, I have this teeny tiny little red samsung flip phone and I'm completely not used to it. The phone will ring and ring and ring and I don't pay attention to it because I think it's just the TV. Very mammaw of me...
Speaking of mammaw, I have a bird feeder dangling from my tree now! I think it's fun! I went and got some bird seed and I think I'm really going to enjoy watching the birds fly up and eat!
Okay that's all I'm gonna do for now. The Soup is going on in the background and I hate that show. So annoying...time to find something better! Later!!

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