Monday, June 29, 2009


What can I talk about today? I woke up at 9, only to fall back asleep and wake up at 10. It was great! I love letting my body sleep however long it feels like it needs to. I hung around my house all day until 2...ran some errands...came back home at 4 and I've been here ever since.
I don't know about you all but I'm kinda getting tired of seeing all of the Michael Jackson news on TV. Don't get me wrong. I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. I have all of his music and know it all by heart, I spent a whole week of my life in high school learning how to moon walk just like him, sat down with Jake for about 3 hours one random college night to watch his concert on DVD (amayzing BTW) have seen every music video he's ever made, and totally believe he's innocent on all of the child molestation charges. Huge fan. I'm so sick of seeing all this on TV though. I think what wears me out more than anything is all the D-listers holding a press conference talking about how great of friends they were and how MJ changed their life blah blah blah. love being on TV. Plain and simple. It buggs big time. Just show the E! True Hollywood story and be done with it. Leave his family alone, let him RIP, release some unreleased music/pics/videos whatever then drop it. Every single celebrity/nanny/lawyer/doctor is coming out of the woodwork....tired of it.
Anywayz...I have an appointment with a dentist tomorrow. First time to go to a dentist in seriously....4 years. Scott's making me go. I probably should. My bottom 2nd to last tooth on my left is chipped. I chipped it chewing a tootsie roll when I was 20. Got it fixed. Chipped it again last summer driving on the interstate in Memphis. What a creepy feeling when you realize you're chewing your tooth!! So going to Scotts family dentist tomorrow....
Okay so no birds have come to eat my bird food out of my feeder yet. I'm upset. Why do you think that is? I always have birds in my tree out front. One even built a nest on my front door wreath and laid eggs and they hatched and I had 3 baby birds chillin on my wreath about 3 years ago. I'm constantly watching and not 1 bird has come yet. I'm disturbed...
Alright well, I guess I should head to bed. Night!!!!!

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