Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adam & Eve

Who curses Adam for eating that dang fruit off that forbidden tree therefore making it mans punishment to work. Raise your hand. I'll just go on ahead and put 2 in the air. I'm SOOOO exhausted. I really, really want some wine but I really need to do my workout video so I don't hate myself and feel guilty the rest of the night. I'm over this whole job thing. I've joked to Scott about knockin myself up so I can go on ahead and be a stay at home mom.....but then I think about what the lesser of two evils would be and decide, for now...just a few years, a job probably works out better. Ugh. I'm just not bred to be one of those hard core career women. I just want to be a wife and mommy. That'll totally fulfill my needs when the day comes. Until then though, how snorefest boring would life be if I didn't have a job and just sat on my butt all day? Very. So work it is for now at least...whatev. Over it...
I ate lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn today and feel like a fat pig because we ordered the queso with chilli and licked it clean. All the more reason I just need to hop up right now and do my workout. I just can't get motivated to do level 2. It kicks my butt. Like seriously, I'm always like....'oh my gosh, do I need to run to the bathroom and throw up real fast??' I fall flat on my face when it's time for cool down. And I GRUNT while I'm working out. How butch is that? Yeah...she's tough. She says she wants me to feel like I'm going to die.....mission accomplished!
Okay...I better put my workout clothes on and do this freaking video. Dang. What a women has to do to be thin. This is all Eve's fault you know....

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