Thursday, June 18, 2009

Uneventful Blog...

I don't have a lot to talk about since my life is quite uneventful. Work's the day's are the same...
Still keeping up with my workout. 1 mile of walking 1 mile of running and my DVD workout video. I do it every day. I've done it for a week and a day now and I can completely tell a difference. I've only lost a pound but I really think I've gained a lot of muscle. I flexed my big biceps at work yesterday and everyone was like 'dayum!' My Mom says I'm like a man when it comes to muscles as I can lift weights once and they're like 'boing!' poppin out. As to not get discouraged from my lack of weight loss but possible muscle gain, Scott has me using a BMI/body fat device he has so I can see the progress I make with gaining muscle. Scott knows I'll step on a scale and hop off crying if the scale doesn't say what I feel it should after my extremely hard workouts and healthy eating. So he feels if I see my body fat going down, I won't get discouraged. (Serious body image issues I have....more than most women I believe) So yeah, doing that still...I'm enjoying it very much. Except that I sweat so much and have to wash my hair everyday. I hate washing my hair everyday so that's a big deal but oh well.
I had to go to the doctor yesterday and I have some type of internal medical problem caused guessed it....stress. The doctor asked me what the deal was. I told her. Whatev. She gave me some medicine and I should be good in a week. I'm quick to have an internal problem go wrong when I'm stressed. This is the 4th time in my life I've had something like this happen. First time when I was 12. (Aww. Sad little 12 year old.) Then again when I was 17, 21, and now 24. My body clearly doesn't deal with stress well. It's like 'ahhh!!! I need ya to be happy.' Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.
I guess that's all I really have for ya. I need to shower and get in my comfy PJ's and watch some TV before I hop in bed. Have to be at work early tomorrow. Hope your Friday is enjoyable!

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