Monday, July 20, 2009

Jaclyns Bachelorette Party in Miami!!

I had a fantastic weekend with my fantastic friends in Miami-South Beach! Let me start from the beginning.
First of all I was slightly worried I wasn't going to be able to go. I had, as Scott calls it, a lady problem. Major bladder pains. Had to go to the ER. I was miserably hurting for over a week until I finally went to the ER as I was sobbing doubled over in pain last Tuesday night. I was feeling a touch better by Thursday after several visits to the doctors and many blood tests later. Apparently my doctor nicked a nerve while doing my yearly pap exam. Neat. All's good now and I'm on the hunt for a new OBGYN if anyone has one up here they particularly love.
Okay so now for the fun part!! I land in Miami around 10:30 pm. Jax and Christina are the only ones there so far! I take a cab to the hotel which was extremely scary doing by myself. I texted Scott the cabbies name and number just in case. I was on edge the whole time feeling very vulnerable as that man could have taken me anywhere he wanted if he was a creeper. Thankfully he took me to my hotel, The Sagamore
I get the chance to catch up with Jax and Stina for a few hours which was lovely. (They're great and in love BTW) At 3:00 Anna and Jaclyn FINALLY arrive. They had major flight delay. We pretty much went to bed as soon as they got there. The next day, Ashley arrived to the hotel at 10:30 and us girls put on our bikinis and headed out!
First we decided to eat lunch at this restaurant on Ocean Drive called The Back Porch (I think) and it was Y-U-M-M-Y! Lite and healthy. Just want I like!

After we were finished we walked a few steps and headed to the beach! We had our ice chest full of our yummy drinks and we would fix our drink, get in the ocean, finish, fix another, and start all over! My idea of perfection. We just stayed in the ocean the whole time enjoying our grown-up drinks and catching up for hours! It was great!!!We stayed out on the beach as late as possible then headed up to the room to get ready for our fantastic evening! We had dinner at the Delano hotel then decided to visit their very fun club for a night of dancing after! Next day...same routine.

Saturday was my favorite dinner night! Props to Anna who found this amazing restaurant Taverna Opa for us to have dinner! They play really great music and everyone dances on the tables!!! So fun! I mean.....SO FREAKING FUN!!!

All of us had a blast! We did our fair share of dancing on the tables.
And I'm in love with this picture because I'm clearly trying to rescue Anna from the creepy man.
We pretty much hung out there all evening because it was so fun!! The next day I woke up and Jax and I headed to the airport together because our flights left at the same time. It was a great weekend! I had so much fun with my girls and I'm so happy we went to Miami! I liked the city and would totally go back! Congratulations to my girl for giving us a reason to go!!!!

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