Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Last Sunday

You all know how much I hate when Sundays roll around because that means I have to say bye to Scott for the week. Well, this is the last Sunday I'm going to have to deal with that. Scott put his two weeks notice in last week and he's moving to Fayetteville!!!!!! We're very excited/very nervous. Scott still hasn't found a job yet. We're taking a large risk since Scott's pretty much the financial provider in our relationship. However, we've been apart for 10 months now and we're officially over it. If you all remember I nearly had a nervous breakdown one Sunday a month or so ago. I just came to a breaking point where my heart literally couldn't take being away from my sweet husband anymore. So Scott and I made the decision that by a certain date, job or no job, we were putting an end to it. So we did. No job. We feel okay about it though. Up until about the past month, there were literally no jobs available for Scott to apply for. Like, literally. He spent hours a day looking at vendor sites to see if they had any positions available and notta. However, I guess the economy is getting better because now jobs are popping up! Scott's actually been up here quite a bit the last 2 weeks on lots and lots of interviews with different suppliers! Unfortunately the business world just takes forever between the first interview to the signing of the papers so it still could be months before we hear anything. I have complete faith in Scott though. He's an AMAZING career-oriented man. Anyone who interviews him is blown away. His resume is like, woah! Someone called him an 'athlete of the business world' in one interview. Anyone who meets with him is impressed. Scott still can't believe that he quit his job with no new job to hop over to. He'll just randomly look at me wide eyed and say 'can you believe I quit my job?' It's gonna be good though. We'll be together and that's the only thing that matters. We could live in a dumpster begging for food but it'd be okay cause I'd have him there with me!
So yeah, last Sunday to be alone! I'm very excited! I'm going to Miami this weekend and Scott will be there at the airport on Sunday to pick me up and we'll NEVER have to say good-bye to each other ever ever again!!!! You just don't know how much that thrills me! I'll get to have my buddy with me all the time. I can't even remember what that feels like. Honestly, it's been so long since I've gotten to see Scott every day. Eat dinner together...every day. Kiss and cuddle...every day! And just thinking about not having to talk on the phone warms my heart! I'm just not a phone person. I don't enjoy talking on the phone.
Alright well, I'm gonna watch some TV now. Yeah for getting to live with my husband now!!!!! I just might have to throw a big party! Hmm...something for me to think about now....

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