Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Copying Sydney

My high school friend, Sydney, has a blog and I enjoy reading it very much. She keeps me entertained! She was bored and did this and I am too so I'm gonna copy! You're supposed to randomly name 25 people.

1. Scott
2. Jaclyn
3. Jake
4. Brad
5. Syd
6. Kyle
7. Dad
8. Mom
9. Landon
10. Jax
11. Ashley
12. Anna
13. Rebecca
14. Hannah
15. Kels
16. Holly
17. Randy (father-in-law)
18. Jodie (mother-in-law)
19. Steve (step-father-in-law)
20. Nathan Marcotte
21. Grammy
22. Christina
23. Molly Putman
24. James (scott's friend)
25. Trey (scott's other friend)
(There's pictures up of you boys all over my house just to make myself not seem creepy)

-How did you meet 10?(Jax)
We were in the same small group in rush! Both pledged KKG!! Instantly best friends!

-If you had to marry either 7 or 14, who would it be?(Dad & Hannah)
Haha. That's funny because both have had very similar roles in my life. Dad takes care of me and Hannah took care of me all through college (KKG big sis) Dunno though...

-Whats your favorite memory with 24? (James)
Hrrmm...probably planning his surprise visit to Memphis for Scott's birthday!

-What would you do if you had never met 1? (Scott)
Uhhh...probably be living a lonely miserable uneventful life

-Would you date 3?(Jake)
No. OMG that'd be so weird. Although he's the only male I'm just as comfterable (basically) around as my husband. He's seen me pee.

-When was the last time you saw 2? (Jaclyn)
Usually every single day. However I went out of town this weekend so Thursday. Woah! That might as well be 2 months.

-If you had to pick 13 or 21 to die, who would it be? (Rebecca & Grammy)
Uhhh...totally don't even want to let my mind go there. Would be devistated if something happened to either one.

-Did you ever like 9? (Landon)
I like him most out of everybody :)

-Have you ever seen 4 cry? (Brad)

-Who do you dislike the most 16 or 22? (Holly & Christina)
You just can't not love them both!

-Would 4 and 12 make a good couple? (Brad & Anna)
Haha. don't think so.

-Describe 13 (Rebecca)
Smart, fun, georgous, always up for a good time, good listener, good dancer, good friend, always excited to see you!

-Last time you saw 12? (Anna)
Hmm...when is the last time I saw you Anna? Maybe Theos about 2 months ago. Woah. Too long missy! (She works a lot)

-Tell me something about 17 (Randy)
You can read him like a book. So predictable!

-Whats 10's favorite color? (Jax)
Hrrmmm...dunno. I feel like pink wouldn't be too far of a cry

-How long have you known 23? (Molly)
Molly!! Ummm...since I was 20 I think. She's a college buddy! We snuck in Blu together back in the day. And she works for my dad now. Crazy!!

-How did you meet number 7? (Dad)
Ummm....he made me.

-Whats your favorite thing about 11? (Ashley)
How she's always willing to go out and have a good time. I could always depend on her in college when I was feeling blue and needed a pick me up!

-When was the last time you talked to number 6? (Kyle)
This morning

-How do you think 19 feels about you? (Steve)
He loves me! I'm his favorite family addition!

-What language does 15 speak? (Kelsey)
Washingtonian DC

-What grade is 8 in? (Mom)
Yeah this is clearly one of those myspace quizzes

-Is 12 single? (Anna)
Noo! She has Austin...from Magnolia! (Magnoya)

-Whats your favorite thing about 21? (Grammy)
Oooohhh my Grammy! We're super close! I can tell her anything.

-Whats 10's last name? (Jax)
Barry....for now :)

-Where does 8 live? (Mom)
Little Rock

-Would you ever have a serious relationship with 18? (Jodie)
Well, she's Scott's mom...I guess that could be considered a serious relationship.

-What would you like to tell 7 right now? (Dad)
I tried out the video on my new iphone. It's cool

-What do you think about 20? (Nathan)
Great friend! Great entertainment! Always makes me smile.

-Do you love 25? (Trey)
I love that he's such a good friend to Scott! I love hanging out with him!

-What is the best thing about 5? (Syd)
She was a really great girlfriend in high school! One of the very few I had...

-What would you like to tell 16 right now? (Holly)
She ranks top on my favorites list! She's my doodlebug and makes my life full!!

-How did you meet 8? (Mom)
Ummm...while in the womb?

-What is the best thing about 3? (Jake)
He makes me laugh out loud.

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