Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Pic

Okay so I know this is so random but I just love this picture so much and realize I've never put it on my blog or facebook or anything. It's on my fridge right now I love it so much! This was taken a little over a year ago. Jake and Jaclyn went wedding dress shopping with me one day at She Said Yes here in Rogers. I don't know what I ate that day but I was really, really into this wedding dress!! Hahahaha. And I was convinced that Jaclyns purple dress was going to be my bridesmaids dress up until about 4 months before the wedding. I changed my mind when I was meeting with my florist and realized I just couldn't commit to a color scheme therefore going with the black dress instead, allowing me to stall for months and months with picking a color scheme. Anways, here's my pic! I love it. :)

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