Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today I woke up very early to head up to Fayetteville. I've been in Little Rock since Friday night. It's always great to get to visit my family. I just love the feeling of my parents cozy house. And my dad always has fantastic wine for us to drink. The icing on the cake is when my sweet nephew is in town visiting from Tampa. Ooohhh Landon. He's one of a kind I'm tellin ya. He's not like any kid I've ever known. He's got so much personality. He's totally not shy. He's just so funny. And SOOOO LOUD. I'm always having to tell him 'Landon be quiet. You're too loud Landon. Use your inside voice bud. Landon listen to my voice, this is the level you should speak at. Landon!! Too loud!!!! Be quiet Landon. Landon hush!!! You're driving me crazy Landon, you're voice is too loud, settle down.' He just doesn't get it. And he asks SOOOOOOO many questions. Oh my gosh does he ask questions. Kyle will just look at me and shake his head and say 'all he does is asks questions.'
Landon seems to need some adventure in his life so when my dad got home from work yesterday, him and I took Landon on a 'nature walk.' My parents live in, I swear, the best neighborhood in Little Rock. It's called Woodlands Edge and there's this nature trail that curves and dips and climbs all through my parents neighborhood. It's so beautiful and there's actually a creek that runs through Woodlands Edge. It actually happens to run right through my parents back yard but it goes throughout the whole neighborhood and it's so beautiful. So Dad and I took Landon on the nature walk. If you're quiet you can hear the beautiful sound of the creek but of course we didn't get to enjoy that because of Landon's questions. We had a funny moment though. At one point my Dad was like, 'Landon, just be quiet and look at all the beauty that's around you.....what do you see.' and Landon goes '.....I see trees!' in the sweetest little innocent voice. So cute! It was a great memory and I'm not sure if I'll ever forget it.
So Landon is SUPER competitive. It worries my mom just a touch because he's so competitive. We're walking into Walmart and Landon will run 2 steps ahead and say 'I'm winning.' Or we're in a car and mom and dad are in a different car and Landon will say 'hurry get ahead and beat them!' EVERYTHING is a competition. I think it could potentially be a good thing if he uses that competitive streak in academics. Anyways, I've discovered a way to make Landon be quiet. We play the quiet game! Whoever is quiet the longest wins. It's so funny too because you can tell it's just killing Landon to be quiet. Whatever works though...
Landon was really funny because this time that he was here, I was his favorite. He always wanted me to sit by him on the couch or in the car or at the dinner table. He wanted me to hold him and me to play with him. Anything I did, he did. He was like my little shadow. Even though he's just 4, it feels pretty good to have someone like you that much! Haha. He's my buddy. I love him. I love just starring at him and watch him do something. He's just adorable. It's too bad they don't stay little forever but I'm very anxious to see what becomes of his life. I believe he's playing t-ball soon, at least he said so, and he asked me if I would come down to Tampa to watch him. DUH. I'll pinch pennies to see that! Landon brings so much joy to my life and I'm so glad I was blessed with such a cutie pie nephew with a big personality!

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