Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foot in Mouth

The last episode of Friends is on TBS right now and Scott is very intrigued! He's never seen it and since being married to me, he's become as much of a Friends nerd as I am! He's gotten to season's what we watch before we go to bed! Anyways, it's an exciting moment for me. Friends fans would understand.
Okay so yesterday I had the absolute biggest foot in mouth moment in the history of the whole entire world. Whole wide world! So I had a new client yesterday come in. When he walked through the door, I was standing at the front desk writing something down and didn't notice him until he was right behind the counter. He told me his name and I told him I would be the one cutting his hair. So I said to him 'well wobble on over this way!' because he was on crutches. As I came around the corner right beside him and looked down to ask him what happened to his leg and why was he on crutches I noticed......HE HAD NO LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No leg. Oh my gosh the man didn't have a leg and I told him to wobble over to my station. Oh my gosh I wanted to die. Sweat started pouring down my back and I couldn't think straight for a good 5 minutes. I didn't know what to do after that so I just pretended I had a speech impediment and ignored the whole situation. I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing him ever again. I figured his amount of anger towards me would be based on the tip he left...or no tip (what I was expecting) but he left me $8 so maybe he didn't hear me at all. Except there's no way that's possible because I was very loud and clear and was looking directly at him with a gay ass bubbly smile on my face. Oh I just want to crawl in a hole.
So yeah....that happened to me yesterday. Neat.
Also something happening to me yesterday, I joined a gym! Fuse in Rogers. Scott and I joined together. I've walked/run around my neighborhood and done my workout video still but it's just not getting me the results I feel I deserve. So I'm on an extremely intense diet and I'm going hard-core on the elliptical. I meet with my personal trainer on Monday whose going to help me out with my eating plan and give me a work-out to do. I started the diet yesterday and have already lost .5 pounds if that tells you anything. It's actually my pageant diet which freaked me out when they gave it to me. I was like 'woah! totally done this before.' I didn't realize it was international. :) It worked extremely big-time on me then, I've never been tinier, so hopefully it still will 10 years later! I told Scott my reward for myself if I can lose what I want to lose in 8 weeks is a pair of Manolos! He didn't seem to find that appropriate but we'll see. I'll be working my ass off....literally! I think a beautiful pair of shoes is just the perfect amount of motivation to do it! Scott thinks Mexican food should do the trick.
Alright well, I know for everyone else working out and eating healthy gives them more energy but I'm exactly the opposite. It makes me SOOOOO tired! Scott thinks I need to see a doc. I dunno??? I've always always been like that so I think it's just another weird quirky thing I possess. So even though it's just 9:00 I'm about to pass out! Night!!

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