Monday, August 17, 2009


Well I had a nice weekend. Scott and I had date night on Saturday which is always nice! It's very rare when we get to spend some quality time on the weekend with just us. We had dinner at Hermans then we went to see The Time Travelers Wife. Good movie. I'd recommend it for sure!
Yesterday Scott and I went to church then we went to open houses around Rogers! Scott and I love to go to open houses. We go in Little Rock and we went in Memphis all the time. It's just fun! Well, we went to this one neighborhood and I found a house I'm soooo obsessed with. The outside is much to be desired but the inside is so fantastically wonderful I'm willing to forgive the way the outside looks. I would never purchase it but Scott and I are looking for some place to rent. Scott's dad is a contractor so we're going to start building a house within the next year and a half or so but we're really tired of living where we are now so we'd like to find something to rent to keep us content for the next 2 years until we can move into our house!
Well, this neighborhood is like Wistera Lane! Scott and I have always thought it'd be fun to live in a painted house just once because the whole layout and everything about them are so unique. Nothing we'd probably want to purchase but definitely something we'd like to rent! We found this one yesterday and it's so amazing! It's actually a model home and the realtor thought we'd be able to rent instead of buy but the contractor said no when she texted him to ask. I was SO disappointed. So Scott's gonna call the guy and see what he can do. It's so wonderful!! I'll be so disappointed if the guy won't budge. It was the first house we looked at yesterday and all the other houses seemed stupid compared to that one. We shall see. Probably won't happen....
After we looked at houses I went to Fuse where I work out, and ran on the treadmill for...wait for it.....30 minutes STRAIGHT!!!!! Straight. Not stopping for even 2 seconds. 30 straight minutes! I'm very proud of myself. I'm just gonna toot my own horn and let you know I'm in stellar cardio shape right now. Stellar. AND, I haven't cheated once on my diet since I started on Wednesday. Not even a sprinkle. Yay for me. I'm supposed to meet with my personal trainer/nutritionist at 5:00 today! Very exciting...
Okay I'm gonna hop off now. Got lots to do today!

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