Sunday, August 2, 2009


Happy Sunday. Mine has been very lazy. I set my alarm at 9:30 to go to church and for some reason it never went off. I was very distraught when I woke up at 10:20 and realized I wasn't going to make it to church today. My week doesn't feel right if it doesn't start with church. Normally Scott and I can't manage to make ourselves sleep that late but we were up late last night because we were at Brad and Jaclyns wedding shower. It was a good time. Brad's parents friends always know how to throw a good party. I can't believe it's August. Brad and Jaclyn are getting married October 17 which is just right around the corner. Ahh. Crazy!!
So since Scott and I didn't go to church this morning we were lazy in our pajamas all day. Until about 3 when we decided to do our Sam's and Walmart shopping for the week. I'm going to eat extremely healthy this week and not drink any wine. I even bought oatmeal at Walmart which isn't my favorite but Dr. Oz tells me I need to eat it so I got some for breakfast. And blueberries because we're supposed to eat those every day. Not my favorite fruit but oh well. It's good for my brain or something...
I'm looking forward to all of my healthy foods, that is if I ever get my appetite back. Ever since my food poisoning stint I just have ZERO appetite. I have a strong distaste for food right now. And it's just miserable when a Applebees or Golden Corral commercial comes on my TV. I have to turn my head. I told Scott I'm almost starting to wonder if I'm pregnant. I mean, not really but does food poisoning last this long? I'm so confused. Tonight when I was taking my bath all I could think about was the possibility of me being pregnant. That's supposedly 99% impossible so I know I'm just being paranoid but why am I so nauseous still?
Not that having a baby would make me sad. I've been bit with the baby bug lately and want one real, real bad. I realize that I should be in no hurry to have kids however, as Scott and I will only get to be just the two of us for a short period of time over our marriage. We want to travel a lot and treasure our newlywed status for many more years. So no rush but really excited for the day to come. I almost went in a baby furniture store the other day just to look. What's my problem?
Anyways...maybe I'll feel better by tomorrow. I'm going to try to go for my run for the first time in a week. I've just not been up for it because of all the nauseousness. Cross your fingers!

**Hahahaha. Scott just read my blog and was like "You don't really think you're pregnant do you? Go take a pee test."

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