Thursday, August 27, 2009


I hate that I'm so slacking on the blogs. I want to be better...and I'm not quite sure why I'm slacking. I'm thinking it's because I'm SO BUSY all the time?? I got home tonight at 7:30 which is pretty much typical these days. I'm blaming it on the working out. Yes I'm still extremely hard core on that. I've been on my workout/diet plan for 2 weeks and 1 day now and still haven't cheated yet. Not even an ant crumb. I'm very very motivated for some reason. I've gotten to where I run 5 miles every day now. Yes that's right. 5 miles. In case you're wondering it takes me about an hour exactly. Today I started working on my speed so I can get down to a 10 minute mile. Instead of running at 5.0 on the treadmill I ran on 5.3 today. Made it go by a little faster. I love my new gym. I'm so obsessed with it. Sometimes if I have something in the evening I have to do I'll go on my lunch break and shower there. That's how nice it is. The showers are nicer than the Kappa house showers. Or I'll go in the morning. I've only done that a few times because my mornings are my treasure. Anyways, I've very excited about it and I love the results. My trainer had a long talk with me about how I can't be obsessed with the number on the scale and how I just need to focus on the body fat and all that so I promised myself (and him) I would only weigh every Monday. But as of Monday I had lost 3.2 pounds which made me excited since it had only been about a week and a half of being on the diet! Yay for Kara!

Okay so all of you who read this and are going to the Little Rock game need to listen up! Scott and I are going to do a tailgate and we want EVERYBODY to come. Yes. That means you!!! I'm not quite sure where we're going to have it yet. We considered buying a spot in Little Rock for the year just to make it easy for people to find us but decided to just save the money and make it a touch more difficult for everyone. (Sorry) BUT, we're gonna have yummy foods and an Image One tent up somewhere so YOU HAVE TO COME!! BYOB but we've got the yummy food and I really want everyone to come. I promise you it's gonna be the cool tailgate with the cool people so if you think you're a cool person you can't miss out! Even if you're saying to yourself "well I know Kara but I won't know anyone else there" then my answer to that is "well act like it's your very own tailgate and tell all of your friends to come to (insert your name here) and Kara's tailgate! I'm so stinkin serious. I shall keep you updated. And if I don't know where the spot is gonna be until that morning I'll just tweet it and you can get on your iphone and look at my blog because I post my tweets on here and you can figure it out from there! Okay?? OKAY!
Alright well....I'm gonna finish this wine...probably pour a 3rd glass if I'm going be completely honest with you....then go to bed. It's just been one of those days and Jaclyns advice to make it better was 'take an hour long bath and get drunk.' So I believe I'll follow that advice....whether or not it's good or bad.......................... I'm thinking good.........night!

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