Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jaclyn's Lingerie Shower

Last night I threw Jaclyns lingerie shower and we had a really great time! I threw it at my father-in-laws condo which is in the Underwood Plaza building on Dickson street! We catered Bordinos and had great wine, great food and great dessert! (chocolate fondue pot!) We played a fun game with Jaclyn! I met with Brad earlier in the week and asked him a bunch of questions and Jaclyn had to answer them how she felt Brad answered. For all the right answers she got to open her gifts but for the wrong ones she had to take a sip of her (quite stout) drink. Towards the end of the game, we just made her take a bite of a cracker instead of a sip of her drink if you know what I'm sayin! I totally understand. We played the same game with me at my bachelorette/lingerie party and at the end of the game, I found it to be appropriate to model all of my lingerie for I danced to rap music and my bridesmaids watched while taking pictures. The next day I felt like poo poo and we had to come in early from shopping so I could take a nap. FUN TIMES!!! :)
I think everyone had a great time, at least I hope so! I most certainly did. I've been on my diet you know, so not much alchy for me cause 1 glass of wine is 200 cals. Well, for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks I finally cheated on my diet and ate the Bordinos pasta (small portion) and had WAAAAY too much wine. This afternoon, Scott and I were driving....home from church....and I said 'Jake's calling. I just talked to him yesterday, wonder what he wants' and Scott said 'uhhh...on the way home you called him and left him a long voice message.' Whoops! Totally forgot about that. Jake could not stop laughing at me and said I left him a 2 minute voice message. Apparently I told him he HAD to come up to Fayetteville so we could eat at Papa Johns and Taste of Thai together?? I guess I'm so confused why I said that as I never eat at either of those places. Hey you know what though, I don't care and I don't feel bad about it. I never get drunk and make a fool of myself...I'm owning up to it!! I was with my girlfriends at a condo drinking good wine and playing fun games. Plus, I called my husband and made him drive me home....responsible! Alright well, enough of tainting my character....enjoy the pics!

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