Tuesday, September 1, 2009


On Saturday night right before I went to bed I noticed that I was getting this real sharp, stiff, pinch in my neck. By Monday morning my neck was completely stuck. Like, I couldn't even try to move it from one said to the other. This has happened to me in my life 3 other times before. In the past I've gone to get it massaged out and it makes it feel a little better but doesn't really fix it.
I've been complaining to Scott since I met him that my body seems to be really tense and I'm always uncomfortable in my neck and shoulders. I've talked about going to a chiropractor for a while but have never followed through with it. I took my stuck neck as an opportunity to go visit a chiropractor for the first time in my life and hopefully he would not only fix my stuck neck but maybe relieve some of the pain in my tense shoulders as well. So I made an appointment with a chiropractor that was recommended to me and off Scott and I went.
First the doctor cracked me between my shoulder blades and it felt so good. Then, he had me sit in a chair so he could pop my neck. When he did it, I instantly looked at him and told him I was about to pass out. And I did!! Scott said I freaked him out because my body started convulsing like I was having a seizure. I clearly freaked the doctor out too because he had sweat beads pouring down his face. When I came to, he laid me down and asked me if I was epileptic. I said no and he told me that in his 25 years he had seen that happen to his patients only 2 other times. He said I had a ton of stress in my neck and shoulders and when he adjusted me it made my nerves go insane and it made me pass out. No need to worry...just lay there until I feel better and made a joke that I was gonna be 'one of those patients!'
So I laid there with Scott until I felt fine to get up, pay then leave. We walked into the waiting area and the receptionist told us the amount, Scott handed her the credit card and I looked at Scott and said 'I'm about to pass out.' AND I DID! AGAIN! Boom. Completely hit the floor. Scott didn't even catch me. He said he just watched in amazement and shock as I fell backwards and hit my head on one of the chairs in the waiting room. (bad husband) Scott said the chiropractor saw it happen and ran over to me shaking me and yelling my name trying to get me to wake up. When I came to the second time, my first thought was 'did I just do that again?' They picked me up and took me into a back room where I could lay down, covered me in ice and told me to lay still for a long time. Scott got me some crackers and water and after about 25 minutes I felt okay to leave....and I didn't pass out again.
We got in the car and we were both completely freaked out. I called my Uncle Rex who's a doctor and told him what happened and asked him if I should go to the hospital and he said no then said the same thing the chiropractor said. That I must have been extremely tensed up and my nerves just went crazy when he adjusted me. I asked him about me shaking like a seizure the first time I passed out and he said again, it was just my nerves that I must have been crazy tense. He said I would be just fine.
I came home and laid down and Scott and I couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the night. He told me that I'm a polite passer-outer because I at least warn you every time I'm about to do it! And he felt really bad for letting me fall all the way back and hit the chair with my head! We googled if that's normal and of course I'm like, 1 in a million people that does that. You know me, always have to have the weird medical problem.
I was supposed to go in for another adjustment today because he didn't get to finish with all the passing out but I opted out. Do you seriously think I'll ever go back to a chiropractor? Ummm...no! I'd be terrified that I'd pass out again. No more chiropractors for me. The guy was really nice though and called late last night to check on me. Scott told him I wasn't going to come in anymore because I was too frightened to and he completely understood.
So yeah, that was my day yesterday. Quite the drama queen. And if you're wondering, my neck feels 85% today. I think from now on though, I'll just stick to the massages and the muscle relaxers my uncle calls in for me!

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