Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arkansas vs Missouri State/Labor Day Lake

Woooooooooh PIG SOOIE!!! I'm hoping we're off to a great start!! The first game of the season was a blast! Jake & Braclyn stayed with Scott and I at my parents house. We all had a really good time! Lots and lots of fun!

The next morning my friends headed back home and Scott and I stayed behind to hang out with my family for Labor Day! My parents got really tickeled when they walked into our bedroom and this is what they saw....
Scott and I eat breakfast in bed together every morning. Special K cereal in a coffee mug because it helps you control your portion size! Of course there's Holly.....right in the middle just where she likes to be when she sleeps with me and Scott!
After a delicious Sunday bruch at Ya Ya's (if you live in LR you must go) my family packed up and headed to Lake De Gray!Holly's favorite spot on the boat! Well, that and the ice chest because she knew that's where all the yummy treats were. She scared me standing on the ledge though. I kept hoping she wouldn't fall overboard!!! She never did BTW.

Most people don't know that Holly has naturally curly hair!! But when we dry it it blows straight. It'd be cute to leave it curly but she gets way too cold to let it naturally air dry. This was right after we put Holly in the lake to swim. She swam for a couple of minutes and I just can't decide what she thinks. I think she doesn't like it.....stresses her out. But while she's swimming she looks like she's enjoying herself so I just can't really decide.Holly has a lot of fun on the boat! She so little I almost feel like she's going to get blown away!! It's really funny when we start going fast!

This weekend was really great! I got to spend it the best way possible! Razorback game and boat!! AND all my favorite people were there with me! I'm excited for the football season to start! It's definitely my favorite time of the year.
And just to update you, today is Scott's first day at his new job! He's a Catagory Analyst for Sara Lee. It's lunch time and I haven't heard from him so I'm assuming his new boss took him to lunch. I can't wait to hear how his day is! We're really excited about this job. It's a really good one! I'm hoping he comes home with a welcome basket full of Sara Lee stuff!!! How awesome would that be! Ya'll have a good Tuesday :)

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