Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Body....Why Do You Hate Me?

I'm sitting here waiting on my chicken to cook so I thought I'd blog even though I really don't have anything to talk about.
I've been on my diet for a whole month now and I weighed today and cried because I've only lost 2 pounds. 2??? TWO?? I guess I'm confused since I eat healthy like it's a life or death kinda thing and since I work out 5 days a week. With sweat dripping down me like I've never seen in my life before. Running so long and so hard my left knee now feels like the bones are scratching each other. I mean I guess I'm so confused. Scott told me I shouldn't have weighed today since I did cheat this weekend for labor day. But even though I cheated 2 days I kept my portions really small and ate how a normal person eats probably. And I'm sorry even if I ate pizza and cheeseburgers every day, I should still lose weight with how hard I exercise. UGH! Scott and I discussed for about 30 minutes what I could possibly be doing wrong and we came to no conclusion. I can tell a difference in my legs. They are hard as bricks and don't jiggle even when I try to make them jiggle. So that's good. And Scott said my back looks leaner. Maybe I am just 'gaining muscle' even though I hate when people say that to me. Hello I've been hungry and running like Forrest Gump for a month. Reward me please. I'm still gonna stick with it and spend more time lifting weights and see if that makes a difference. I get extremely sad when I'm not rewarded for my good deeds. And if you haven't noticed by now, weight is an extremely sensitive issue with me. I blame it on competing in pageants but that's a WHOLE other story... Looks like those Manolo's I planned on having next month aren't gonna happen at this rate.
Scott's job at Sara Lee is going good. He doesn't get a computer until next week so he's been kinda at a loss. He's very impressed with how much more laid back these suppliers are than IP in Memphis. Not quite as intense....although if I know my husband I'm pretty sure his intenseness won't fade with this job. We're really excited because Sara Lee's headquarters are in Chicago so we're on our knees praying daily that he has to go to Chicago soon for some kind of orientation...or something job related. What if he got relocated there? For just like...a year? Totally have to highly consider that.
Okay my chicken is done now. Scott's trying to make my homemade salad dressing and I think I should probably hop up now and help. Have a good night!

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