Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's Feels Like Fall Today!

What a great day to snuggle up with a blanket and watch a movie! It's chilly up here in NWA and I love it!! Fall is absolutely hands down my favorite season. When I start seeing Halloween and Thanksgiving decor at stores I get really really happy.
Scott and I just got home from church. After church we had lunch with Brad and Jaclyn then I went to Banana Republic with Jaclyn to help her find 'work clothes.' I'm jealous because Jaclyn has to go to New York this week for work. She has to go to New York all the time for work and I'm always all the way jealous of her. One of these days I'm gonna hop on a plane and go with her! She works for Coty and does all of the make-up and nails for Walmart and, fittingly, their offices are in NYC so she's there quite often.
This weekend was fun. Friday night we had din at Hermans with Brad and Jaclyn then went to Theos after and sat on their patio. ALL of Scott's friends who live here met up with us then some of Brads friends came too so we had a large crowd. Always fun! Last night Scott and I stayed in and rented The Other Boleyn Girl. Such a great movie! I highly encourage everyone to watch it.
Funny story: After I cried on here with my last post about only losing two pounds, I stepped on the scale the next day to be an extra two pounds lighter. What's that about? I've just decided to stop obsessing with the number on the scale. Well, not really I'm totally lying. I'm just not gonna hop on it as often as I do. Actually I've been given no option because Scott is hiding it from me. That tiny little box makes me way too emotional. It's always changing it's mind on me and plays games that I don't understand how to follow. I'm breaking up with it....for a while. We'll get back together next month.
I'm gonna snuggle up with a blanket now! Have a good weekend! I know yours is probably over but mine is just beginning.

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