Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exciting News!

I have exciting news! Scott and I got our cute little house in High Pointe!! I'm so excited! We're moving THIS WEEKEND. It's so fast but since it's the end of the month we figured might as well buck up and move out so we don't have to wait a whole month to move in to our new place. I'm so excited! It's new and has hard wood and granite and stainless steel and I get my jacuzzi tub!! Everything I wanted plus the 3 bedrooms. I took today and tomorrow off from work so I can try and get some stuff done! I'm having a garage sale tomorrow morning so I hope I make a lot of money because, of course, I want to buy some nice new things for my nice new home. I feel like this is so meant to be. Listen to this...
So Scott and I discovered this place one Sunday after church. We always go looking for homes after church on Sunday. We saw this cute little neighborhood and went into the model home to meet the lady and we fell in love with all of the homes. Then we asked if she would rent and she said no. So we left disappointed. Scott decided to give her a call and she said she'd rent to us (I think I already told ya'll that) but when we met with her again this week she told us that she felt so bad that she told us no and could tell we we disappointed and so she prayed that we would call her back, which we did, and waallaa! Prayer answered. Yay!!
So I'm gonna hop off because I'm got some moving to do. Catch back up with you sometime next week.

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