Sunday, October 4, 2009

All Moved In

Wew! I'm all settled into my new house and I love it!!! Well, all settled in may be a stretch. I haven't decorated at all! Usually I am on top of things like that but I'm hoping for a new sofa and have decided to stall all decorating until my new sofa arrives at my new house. My husband is delaying my sofa purchase (no surprise) so no decorating until the new sofa is sitting on my hardwood floors. I can't blame it all on the sofa I guess. I'm S-T-U-C-K as to how to decorate. Usually I'm pretty good at decorating but not this house. I really want Scott's friend, Amy, who works at Lighting Emporium to come over and help. I think she will. I might hunt her down at LE tomorrow. I want this place to look like Nate Berkus lives here.
In the meantime, I've been spending my week being sick. I've gone through 2 packages of Dayquil and 1 pack of Nyquil. I think by tomorrow I'll finally feel normal. I woke Scott up one night with my cough attack and one day my eye starting pouring out liquid. So random. I've never had that happen before. You know what though...there's visine for that! (get it? that's what they say in the commercial) Anyways, I'm ready to feel better because as of Wednesday, it'll be 2 whole weeks since I've set foot in the gym and I am itchin to get back. There's just no way I could run my 4 miles in my condition. (Yes I really run 4 miles a day...straight...jealous?) My legs aren't as rock solid as they usually are. So back to the gym I go tomorrow. No matter how I feel.
Okay well, I guess I should try and head to bed. Even though I'm not even a little bit sleepy because I took a 3 hour nap today!!! It's 11:20 though so I should try. Night!

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