Thursday, October 22, 2009

Holly's 13!

Holly's birthday is this week! As terrible as this sounds given how much I adore my puppy, I'm not quite sure the exact date. Mom thinks it's the 21 but I feel like it's the 26 so we just celebrate the whole week! My sweet precious pumpkin baby doodlebug is 13. We've been through a long journey together. She's such a sweet little girl. I love how when she's laying down relaxing and I try and talk to her, she just looks up as far as she can with her eyes instead of raise her head to look at me. I love how tight she snuggles with me at night. If there's a blanket, Holly's on it. I love that she still plays with her toys especially her ball. I love how she can tell me so well what she wants. She just looks at you with this certain look and when you say 'what do you want Holly' she takes you right to it. I love that Holly likes to drink water from the faucet. (That one of the places she takes you to when you ask her what she wants) I love how obsessed with treats Holly is. I love that Holly still gets excited when she potties. Every time she goes potty she comes running in the room with her tail wagging and thinks she needs a treat. (and she gets one!) I love that Holly is so demanding that you rub her. If you're sitting beside her, she'll scratch your hand which means 'rub me!!' Holly loves scrambled eggs. Those are her favorite. She's so smart. Has such a large vocabulary. She's so great at telling you what she wants. I know her so well. I know when somethings wrong. I know what she wants. I know what she needs. I love how obedient she is. She's very obedient. I love when you say 'gimme a kiss' she does...on your nose....every time. I love when you say the words ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, beggin strips, eggs, or treat Holly licks her lips. EVERYTIME. When she stands her back feet are always touching. She doesn't get the concept of the TV or the mirror. Totally ignores both of them. She gets so excited when she gets to open a present and she'll even open up your presents because she finds it so fun. She loves to go bye bye. Holly climbs on top of the pillows when she's sitting on the couch. She loves to sleep in my laundry basket. She hates baths. She knows clapping and singing will always buy her a treat. She's stolen the hearts of everyone in my family. Mom, Dad, Kyle, Scott, and Grammy...we all love her....and she loves us back just as much. She's my precious puppy and I'm so unbelievably blessed to have had her for 13 years. She's a spunky lil 13 year old and I hope she stays that way for more years to come! BoldHappy 13th Birthday to the best puppy I'll ever know!!! I love you Holly!!!!!

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