Monday, October 19, 2009

Planting Tulips

Today was great! I slept in really late because I was still exhausted from the wedding. I woke up at 10 and had absolutely nothing to do! Finally. Nothing to do. This moving houses has kept me busy. I'm pretty much decorated and all moved in so nothing to do there. No work today. No nothing. So I decided to be a gardener. Tulips are my absolute hands down favorite flower. Now is the time to plant the bulbs. So I bought....ready for it....100 bulbs. Ha! I'm having a landscaping guy come tomorrow to plant them in my front yard bushes because it's landscaped just perfectly for tulips to come up all over the place. I took a few tulips and bought big pots and planted the bulbs and set them on my back porch. Along with some Iris's and some other flower that I can't remember the name of. I have 5 pots of dirt with bulbs underneath on my back porch. I hope so badly it works since I spent a small fortune on it all today. So that's what I did with my day.
I also just got back from my storage unit just a second ago. For the first time ever I put some furniture on Craigs List and sold it within less than 24 hours. My email has been blowing up. I'm selling the rest tomorrow to another guy so yay! Got that clutter out and made some money!
I'm waiting on Scott to get home from work now so he can grill me some chicken. It's 7:30...where's my husband? Really. Like, really? I kinda don't like this but I'm trying to be a supportive wife. I haven't complained yet except for just now. He's gotta do what he's gotta do I guess. Hello overachiever!
Alright I'm going to snack because I'm starving and I have no idea when he's coming home. This is why I need to learn how to work a grill. I have no idea how to turn it on but I do now how to cook on it and how long to cook stuff and when to flip and the temp and all that. I just don't know how to turn the thing on!!!!! Gah!

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