Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jake & Jaclyn

I got to thinking about how amazing my two best friends are. I love them both so much. For those of you who don't know that would be Jaclyn and Jake. I always realize how much I love them but I got on FB and noticed that Jake had tagged a picture of the 3 of us and I loved it! It got me to thinking....
That's us heading to church for Jaclyns rehearsal! I just love the picture and I love even more the story behind it. Here it is, the biggest day of Jaclyns life. We're headed to the church for the rehearsal and where is she? With us. Where did she get ready for this big night? At my house. Just me, Jake, and Jaclyn. We're running around like crazy because we're running late. Jake's searching through my closet trying to find a black belt of Scott's because he forgot his. Jaclyns doing her make-up while I'm doing her hair. I'm cutting the tags off her beautiful new dress. Jake's cleaning out his always messy car so we can all fit. We're rushing to get there in the crazy traffic. It's just a normal JJ&K kinda thing. And we pause at a traffic light to take a pic! I love it! I'll always remember it. Even though we were rushed and it was stressful...I loved it. That was me with my best friends making a memory that I'll never forget.
So how did the three of us become inseparable you ask?
Let me start with this boy...
That's us a t-bell. Many of those stops did we make in college!! That's why the both of us gained, count it, 15 pounds our freshman year!!!! Yes that's right. Well, more like 12 for me but might as well be 15. That's our junior year after we got it off...thankfully. We were all...not toned...and whenever the 3 of us look at pictures from freshman year we groan. It's disgusting and miserable. We have a little more discipline these days however, I wouldn't trade all that weight gain/t-bell late nights for anything. Too many fun memories attached with those! We were young so it only took me about a month to get that off.
So back to Me & Jake. Jake lived in Pomfret across the hall from Jaclyn. They had a class together so that's how they got to know each other. The first night I met Jake was in Jaclyn's room at Pomfret. It's was the 80's function and I came to her room so we could all go together. Jake was there sitting on the futon ready to go to the function as well! After getting to know each other, our love of Friends sparked our friendship and whenever the DVD came out Jake and I were at Walmart together at 12 a.m. on a Tuesday to pick it up and we stayed up to watch the whole first disk together! The rest of our friendship is history. Actually though something I love about Jake is that he was actually at the Miss Teen Arkansas pageant the year I won! He saw one of the coolest things of my life happen. Glad he was there even though he didn't know me.
Now this girl....
I met Jaclyn on pref-night during rush. She was wearing a pink dixiebells t-shirt. We sat in the union and talked all night waiting on the houses to place their bids. When they were finally in and we could leave, I drove her home to pomfret. We both prefed Kappa and met each other on the Kappa lawn the next day to take pictures! The rest is history...
I cannot imagine life without these two. They rock my world. When I say we were inseparable in college I mean that literally. Not 1 day were we not together. Seriously. We all agree our favorite memories were created in Pomfret freshman year. I think it's just because we were getting to know each other so well and who doesn't think freshman year is the best?
We ate out every. single. night. Our hot spot? Olive Garden. Our meal of choice? Chicken Scampi. Probably ate that twice a week. Our other usuals, Tim's, Madam Wu's, Chili's, Bizy's, Outback, Flying Burrito, & every Sunday, Slims! When I say we ate out every single night I'm not kidding. Except for American Idol & Grey's nights when we cooked....together.
Also what we didn't do without each other?
or New Years..
And everything else in life.
My personal favorite year with these two? 2006!This pic was Row, April 2006. When I think of the best year ever I think 2006. We all turned 21 which...hello!! This was just a good year! We had so much fun together and made TONS of memories. We talk about this year a lot. Another obvious reason this was an amazing year....I met my husband!! They loved him immediately.... and not because I loved him immediately. They love Scott and I love that they love Scott.
They are always there for me. When I'm having a fun time, it's because they're there. If I'm creating a memory, they're in it. I love our times of being bored sitting on the couch doing nothing watching TV. Or cooking together. Or getting dressed for a night out together. When we've laughed so hard we didn't make noise or going out and making fools of ourselves.
I should probably be done with this. I could go on and on. These two have been in my life for 6 years now. They're the best. They were there the night I got engaged!
And stood beside me the night I got married!
We share secrets we probably shouldn't share. We nap together. We cook together. We embarrass each other. We love each other. We cry together. We make fun of each other. We make memories. We depend on one another. We're always there. We always pick up where we left off. We love to talk about the past and share plans of our future.
These two are my favorite! They bring so much joy to my life and I cannot imagine it without them. I love them with all of my heart and never want to experience life without them! Just thought you all should know that!

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