Monday, November 2, 2009

Engaged For 2 Years

I'm so bored. I've been bored all day. Kinda nice I guess that I had nothing to do. It sure would be nice if I had nothing to do with somebody. I've been lonely. The City kept me entertained. I've never watched it before but I very much enjoy. It shall become a new TV staple.
So it's 9:40 p.m. and Scott's still at work. Sad since today is our 2 year engagement anniversary. I'm okay up 'til 7:00. Past that is just too much for me. It's not his fault. He would rather be home more than I want him home. Anyways, guess I should get used to it. I've been warned by suppliers wives that this is how it goes. Neat.
I'm going to go back to watching my SATC on demand. Not that I haven't seen every single episode 372 times each. It's all that's on TV. After I'm finished with SATC it's off to Fred Clause on demand. If any of you haven't seen it you really should because it's a great movie!!!
Night! :)

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