Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Few Things

*I noticed the other day that I brush my teeth for entirely too long. I'm sure some people may think that's a good thing but it's annoying for me and I can't stop!! They won't feel clean if I don't brush them for 67 minutes. Okay exaggerating of course but really....I take too long to brush.
*Jake asked me one time if one day ever goes by that I don't make my bed. Absolutely not. Gross. I could never not make up my bed. I will be late to wherever before I walk out of my house with my bed unmade.
*I hate to defrost meat. Scott and I buy in bulk at Sams and I hate to 'thaw something out for dinner.' It's not like it's a big deal but I just don't enjoy doing it.
*I feel very stressed out these days. I'm at a point in my life where I really don't know what I want to do with my life career wise. I love what I do and would be sad to not do it anymore but I feel like it's not meeting my needs. You know what I mean? Yeah me either. It's constantly on my mind.
*I would love more than anything in the whole wide world to hop on a plane and go on a vaca to NYC and have a $10,000 shopping spree. I feel like that could really relieve some stress I have in my life. Actually Vegas would do too. Scott's possibly going on a work trip to Chicago in December and I told him I'm totally going. He said 'I'll be working all day and eating dinner with co-workers at night.' Uhh..SO! I think I could find a way to entertain myself in Chicago for a few days.
*I'm very much into The City. I've never watched it before and I'm obsessed. This doesn't help with my wanting to go to NYC thing. I really like Olivia even though apparently she's the show villain. I can't understand why from the 5 episodes I've seen?? She is gorgeous with amazing hair and super cute clothes. Her blonde boss seems like the you know what to me. Maybe I just need to keep watching longer. I'm looking forward to it coming on tonight!
*Today is my Dad's 49th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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