Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Obsessions

You know what I really love? I love coming home after a long day at work and a hard workout and hopping in the shower, wash my hair, put on my PJ's, then eat dinner and watch my shows while my hair air dries. I just love it and I'm not real sure why. I just really do. Wanna know what my new favorite TV show is? Entourage!!! Scott discovered it on HBO on Demand. I've always heard it's really good and like the male version of SATC. My husband and I are now both completely all the way obsessed with it. If you haven't watched it you should. If you have AT&T U-Verse they have it on demand right now starting with the very first episode. The whole first season is on. That's all Scott and I have seen plus a few of the last episodes of season 7 which is the last season they've filmed I believe. Anways, So Good!! Get into it!
Another new show obsession: Modern Family! So freaking funny. Loves it!
I'm also newly obsessed with Dermalogica. It's the skin care line we sell at the salon I work in. I've never really been into skin care before. Hair care, yes (duh) but never skin really. Well, now I'm officially obsessed. From what I've been told from our estheticians, dermalogica is the best skin care product line out there. Now my shower is not only stocked with 3 different types of shampoos but now 5 different types of skin care products. I'm hooked!! Now is the time for girls my age to start with the preventative stuff. Get startin on it girls! And I highly recommend dermalogica. Products of choice in case you look into it: Precleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque & Pure Night Lotion. Ahhh!!! Loving it.
Okay it's time for Glee and Modern Family. Enjoy your night!

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