Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last night Scott and I went to see The Blind Side. Okay....hands down, best movie ever....After Forrest Gump. I don't say that about many movies. This movie was so good I want everyone to go see it!!! I was very excited to see Houston Nutt make a cameo appearance. Even though he's not our coach anymore and I'm apparently supposed to dislike him. Scott was so embarrassed by me when he came on the screen I let out a little 'woohoo!!' He wanted to die. Well I'm sorry I was excited to see him and taken by surprise. A few other people in the theater clapped. Whatever, I'm a good audience when I see a movie leave me alone about it. Anyway you've just got to see this movie! So good. So so good.
Tonight Scott my mother-in-law, and I are going to see The Christmas Carol. I'm very excited about this one. I like to see movies this time of year!
Still on my movie list: New Moon. I know, I know, ya'll are probably surprised I want to see it since reading Twilight bored me to tears but I'm curious to know what happens. I'm almost tempted to read New Moon actually before going to see the movie. I don't have anything to do tomorrow or Tuesday. Maybe I'll get started on it. I have a feeling I'll like it the best even though I hear it's the most boring out of the series. Supposedly because Edward isn't in it very much. I'm just fine with that. You all know I'm not one of those grown adults with a creepy obsession over a fictional character that doesn't seem at all fantastic to me. It weirds me out that 40 year old women have him as their screen saver. Seriously? You're weird.
I do think I might start on the book though. Because once the previews started and I saw Jacob run out of a house and fly into the air and turn into a wolf (you know what part I'm talking about? It's only played on TV every 46 seconds) I was like 'woah wait a minute I thought he was just a little Indian boy I'm so confused.' And that's sparked my curiosity! Just that. Just little Taylor Lautner.
Okay I'm over this now. I need to go anyways. Dinner then A Christmas Carol. Night!

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