Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Host

Hello my fellow readers. I'm so bored right now. Scott won't be home for a while so what am I gonna do until then? Clean? Hmmm....I need to but I'm just not in the mood. Watch HGTV? Probably. My TV stays on that channel. Ew it's Holmes on Homes. My least fav.
So guess what I'm doing this year. Hosting Thanksgiving. Yeah that's right. I'm not stressed out at all about it. I was born for this! I think I've got all my groceries. Hopefully I don't have to make another trip to Walmart. Can you imagine how busy it will be tomorrow? I have to work tomorrow. Anyone else have to? I feel like Thanksgiving break should start Wednesday and I think for Christmas you should get the 23-2 of January. I feel it would be good for society. No one asked me though.
Hmmm....I'm so boring right now, I'm making myself sleepy. I guess I should hop off. I just turned on Entourage, you know, my new fav! Happy Thanksgiving week!

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