Saturday, November 28, 2009


My Thanksgiving Day was wonderful! I woke up and immediately turned on the parade! I love watching the Macy's parade. I've actually seen it in person but to be honest TV is way better. You just can't have Thanksgiving without the parade being on in my opinion. Scott and I got dressed and headed over to his mom's house. We hung around there until about 3 then headed home. My parents and Kyle drove in from Little Rock and got to my place about 4. Mom and I started cooking and Scott's dad came over around 6. We finally finished with all of our dishes around 7 and had a feast! It was delicious if I do say so myself. My family probably over does it with about a zillion dishes but who cares! It's Thanksgiving. Mom and I woke up early the next day and went for a long walk around my neighborhood then we went shopping!!!
I must say I feel extremely gross. Scott and I have been eating on leftovers and yuck! My stomach is poochy. To make matters worse, we just ordered Razorback pizza. Yum! I figure continue on with the bad eating through the weekend then get back to the gym/eat healthy on Monday.
Who's excited about Arkansas vs. LSU!!! In case you aren't aware you should know that I hate LSU more than any other team that exists. Can't stand em. I hope we kick their butt!! They're pretty good this year so I dunno though. I'm going to think positive!! Scott and I are about to head out to pick up our pizza then at halftime we're going to head over to his friends house to finish watching the game. All of Scott's best friends are in town and he's been spending tons of time with them. I'm sure we'll end up at Eddie's tonight.
I better hop off. I have a hot pizza to get!!!

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