Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I always thoroughly enjoy decorating for Christmas! I definitely get this from my Mom and Grammy. They both go all out!! Mom's house is gorgeous right now!! She should be featured in one of the Christmas homes tour because her house is just breathtaking with all of the decorations. Mom has 3 trees in her house: Her fancy huge ginormous tree that's very Christmas store looking, her all snowman tree, and then her 'special ornaments' tree. These aren't little trees that sit on a table. I'm talking 8 feet. Grammy has a snowman tree too. I've seemed to accumulate lots of snowman ornaments myself. Face it. A snowman is so cute! ANYWAYS, I've got TONS of glass ornaments. That's usually what my tree is decorated with. All glass ornaments. This year, however, I decided to be different and do a Santa Clause Tree!
I love it and think its so cute! Plus it was way easier to decorate because it only has a few ornaments on it verses the 479 glass ornaments I usually put on my tree.
However my santa tree created a problem because I have all of these beautiful ornaments and nowhere to put them. Alas my creativity was put to the test! I went and bought a bunch of clear glass jars from Hobby Lobby and Walmart and placed my ornaments in them! I decided to have a theme with them since my tree was 'themed' this year. Here are some pictures!!
This is my centerpiece on my kitchen table right now. The 3 glass jars are filled with snowmen, gingerbread men & candy canes, and toy soldiers!
This jar is sitting on my kitchen counter and it features all of my glass balls! The red one on the very top is my favorite. Scott got that ornament when he went to Poland for business and it has a castle that's in Krakow, Poland on it. It's so beautiful! Plus that yummy smell good candle from Dillards that I buy every year.
This is my 'love' jar in my master bathroom. It's with all ornaments that are filled with love! Hearts, a bride & groom and 2 flamingos kissing! The tree votive is from Pier 1. I got it this year and think it's too cute!How cute is this! My girly glass jar. This is sitting on the corner of my bathtub. I've been collecting ornaments since I was a little girl. My mom got me these over the years. As you know, I grew up a dancer and that was what my life was focused on for many years!
This jar is in my guest bath! It has one of my favorite ornaments of all time --my dragon fly! Plus another cute votive!
Finally!! My last jar. This is in my bedroom filled with all red, white, green, gold, and silver ornaments. How precious is that big one with the 3 Christmas carolers? That's new! Got it just a few days ago. I nearly died when I saw it. So adorable!!
Of course I brought back my Department 56 snow village this year! I always enjoy this. I gained a new member! The one front and center. It's a pancake house and the little fan spins around!Last but not least my sweet little manger scene. I always find it hard to find a manger scene that isn't tacky. This I've had for years and I always enjoy it very much.
Merry Christmas!

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