Thursday, December 17, 2009


I find that my friends and I speak our own language. Are you like that with your friends too or are we Special Edna like that? Here's my Kara & Friends dictionary and maybe some background info on why that saying/word came about in case sometimes my blogging vocab confuses you.

1. Miz-Miserable
2. Burnt Toast-Old, boring, etc. (Extra old/boring if you say Stale Burnt Toast)
3. Buggs - Bothers You
4. Dus Woo! - Woo Wee who cares
5. Thumma Scew - Summer School. (Jake had a professor who talked with a lisp and she was African American and he said she wore her Easter Outfit to class the first day and she said summer school pronounced thumma scew. LOL. So funny to us...we'll just randomly say thumma scew)
6. Crunchy Curls - Girls with naturally curly hair who put too much gel in there hair and when it dries it's crunchy.
7. I Guess I'm Just Confused - My all time favorite saying and if you can't figure that out for yourself then....I guess I'm just confused. :)

Hmm....I thought I had a lot more. I'm sure I do. Maybe we'll do sayings part deux. Until then....holla!

Thumma Scew

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