Monday, December 28, 2009

Crested Butte Day 1

Greetings from Crested Butte! I'm sitting in front of a fire while looking at white covered mountains! Jealous?
We left NWA at 5:00 a.m. and got to Crested Butte around 7ish. Jake drove me and Jaclyn and we followed Craig, Jax, Austin, & Anna. The trip was actually not terrible surprisingly. It was definitely a long day but I was with my 2 best friends in the whole wide world so sitting in a car chatting was nice! We drove into town, straight to a pizza joint, then passed out!
We woke up this morning and Jake, Jaclyn, and I decided to ski. The others opted to go to the grocery store and just chill. The slopes were great! I'm a rockstar. Never fell. Was super proud of myself too especially since it's been 4 years since I last skied. Okay I will admit that I just did greens today but they were so super easy and I believe Jake and I will progress to some blues tomorrow. I do have one super funny for you though.
So after doing a couple of runs we decided to stop by The Ice Bar and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and relax on top of the mountain. When we were finished, there was a ski lift that was just right outside The Ice Bar so we decided to take it. I knew we were in trouble when Jake had a hard time just getting on the ski lift. It bounced really bad because it was old and rigidy and when it bounced his ski polls few out of his hands! Bummer number 1. So then we ride all the way to the tip top of the mountain. TIP TOP. You could seriously go no further. Then, as we're getting off the lift, it bounces again and throws Jaclyn into the air and she lands 10 feet away on her bottom. Bummer number 2. Jaclyn gets up and we turn to look at the trail sign and guess what are options are. Double black diamonds or double black diamonds. Bummer number 3. Are you freaking kidding me? Double Black Diamonds? I guess I'm confused. Like literally. We probably stood at the top of 'Jokerville' (name of the slope, isn't that ironic) for 10 minutes wondering what in Gods name we're going to do. I mean, it is the steepest slope I've ever seen in my life. Straight down. All the way straight down. Well we had no option we had to go down it. Jake first. He goes about 3 yards and falls, spread eagle ALL THE WAY DOWN. His polls and skies flying all over the place. Some nice guy picked them up and handed them to him at the bottom of the slope. My turn! I go about 10 inches and fall sliding on my butt which was just fine until all of a sudden my body flips around and I'm going down backwards, like a roly poly at 188 miles per hour I swear. I just knew I was going to break something. Then Jaclyn follows suit just like me sliding down backwards just as fast. Some ski instructor watched and carried our skis down and told us we might want to go down 'The Yellow Brick Road' right down that way to the left which is a green and will lead us home. YOU THINK? So we did and it was just fine except we would have to stop at points because we were laughing so hard at ourselves we couldn't breath. I will NEVER forget that for as long as I live and from now on I'll be paying more attention to which lifts take you to which slopes.
Enjoy pics from day one taken from Jakes camera.....I'll share the ones from mine when I get home.
Here we are on the roller coaster....I mean ski lift headed to the double black diamonds. Oblivious of the future that awaits us.

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