Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Crested Butte Day 2

Howdie folks! Today was such a great day!!! Jake and I progressed to the blues and I'm pleased to say I only fell once. And I really shouldn't have. I got freaked out cause I was going too fast and I just decided to fall down. Jake and I are perfect ski partners. We are totally on the same level. It snowed lightly today and it was just so wonderful!
Jake and I got on a lift with a random. As usual, I asked him where he was from. 'Fayetteville, Arkansas.' 'SHUT UP!!! US TOO' So we had a good talk on the lift. His sister lives here and he recommended a delicious restaurant for us to eat at on New Years Eve. We told him we wanted something like Bordinos/Theos and he recommended this place so we made our reservations today. Yay!
I only spent $5 dollars today. Can you believe that? I'm so proud of myself. I can't even manage to do that in NWA. I spent it on a lovely hot chocolate after a sorta chilly day on the mountain. Today was a touch colder than yesterday. We came home for lunch and I had to add more layers. Yesterday was such great weather. Today was colder because it was snowing I think. We only have a 3 day pass so tomorrow Jake, Jaclyn, and I plan on checking out the town. However, I'm having such a great time skiing I told Jake we should just wake up and head out on the town early so we could go on the slopes tomorrow around 1. We'll have to buy an extra pass for Thursday but we're enjoying ourselves so much and we're such rockstars it makes me want to not miss a day! I think the reason I'm skiing better than I ever have is because I work out 4 days a week. Pretty sure that's why.
I miss my husband. I think about him all day. I would love to make out with him on the ski lift! Haha. JK...kinda.
I've got to tend to my dinner. Jake and I tag teamed and made chicken spaghetti tonight. I think it's almost ready. Until tomorrow....

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