Monday, December 21, 2009

Easy Meal

Is anybody else like me and always looking for a super easy meal to cook that doesn't take a long time but one that's very delicious as well? Allow me to introduce you to my new meal invention! It's so easy and simple. Takes about 10 minutes total to cook and is delicious!! I just had to share. It only requires 3 ingredients.
Shrimp stir-fry! Buy your bag of frozen shrimp. All you have to do is put them under hot water and they're ready to eat! Grab a frozen stir fry vegetable. Put some olive oil in a pan and throw that baby right in the pan. Add your shrimp then your stir fry sauce. So yummy and seriously takes no time at all! Add some rice if you'd like. Without the rice though this meal is rediculously low in calories! Scott and I have about 7 shrimp a piece and we split the whole bag of veggies. I calculated it to be about 200 calories only!! How genious am I!! It's nice too because everything is frozen so it won't go bad. If you're like me you plan to make this glorious meal then never cook it and all of your food goes bad (waste of money). This is just fantastic! A new staple. Every time I go to Walmart now I just stock up on stir-fry veggies and shrimp because it's something I can throw together in 10 minutes and it tastes like I spent a really long time on it. Anyways, just thought I'd share! Try it out. You'll love it!

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