Friday, December 4, 2009

In Little Rock

Happy Friday! I'm in Little Rock right now. Scott's in Chicago on a business trip and you all know how much I hate to stay home at night by myself so I drove down to LR to stay with my parents. I'll be working for them this weekend because it's the State Championship Football finals. My parents work with the AAA so I'll be at all these football games the next few weeks. I'm very excited because El Dorado made it! We went my junior year of high school and also last year too but we've never won. Maybe this is their year! Go Cats! I'm sure I'll feel so old. Last year the quarterback was the little boy I used to babysit!!! What?? How did that happen.
Well, I guess I better hop in the shower and get dressed. Even though I'm very comfortable snuggled up with Holly in my pajamas, AKA Scott's t-shirt and sweatpants. There's nothing more comfortable than his big shirt and pants. I've taken to wearing Scott's clothes quite often. I'm quick to wear one of his buttondown's over leggings with a belt. He's like 'really? My clothes AGAIN today??' It's so cold outside I don't even want to step out of the house. I went for a run yesterday in my parents neighborhood and I thought I was going to die!!! My throat hurt so bad because of the cold. Not going to be doing that again.
Alright. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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