Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pelvic Problems

I haven't blogged because I literally have nothing to talk about. Life is just not real exciting these days. I've had one thing on my mind lately and one thing only.
As to try and not get too personal with my medical issues I'll try to keep this short. But if you remember back in July right before my Miami trip I blogged about my OBGYN doing my yearly check-up on me only to destroy my insides since she's apparently stupid. I had to go to the ER, plus 2 different doctors yada yada for them all to tell me she must have pinched a nerve and it would heal soon. Well.....December rolls around and that 'pinched nerve' is getting worse. Way worse. So I make an appointment with my doctor which I didn't want to do but all of the other OBGYN's couldn't "squeeze me in" until February so I was left with no other option but her. She ordered an ultrasound which I took on Monday and I won't know until this coming Monday what she's done to me. The ultrasound lady wouldn't let me see the screen but I sneaked a peak when she left the room. Apparently I think I'm Addison Montgomery and would magically know how to read it. I must admit a funny though because she put the little dealy on my stomach and all of a sudden I heard this noise coming through the monitor to which I wide-eyed asked 'UMMM.....IS THAT A HEARTBEAT?' The lady laughed and said 'oh sorry! I forgot to tell you, you would hear your blood running.' Umm...yes mam that was necessary to tell me and I don't forgive you for forgetting to inform me of that vital piece of information. Then she said, 'calm down! Your blood is racing now.' Umm...yes. Why wouldn't it? I did not realize blood made noise only heartbeats I thought.
So that's my ordeal right now. Mom, Dad, Scott, & Jaclyn ask me every day how I'm feeling. Ummm....not good! I keep looking to see that knife blade with the cinder block sitting on top of it but it hasn't appeared out of my skin yet. Not happy & very confused because nobody seems to have a single clue as to what could be wrong with me. Neat and not typical because if you read my blog you know I'm always the weird medical case.
Okay Scott's nagging me to stop blogging so we can watch Glee. Yes that's right honey. I just outed you.

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