Thursday, January 21, 2010


This morning I woke up very early to head down to El Dorado for Seth's funeral. Sad day. Really sad day. I sat there thinking to myself as I looked at all of my friends from high school about how wrong it was for us to be there. Funerals are supposed to be for old people who've lived their life all the way to the fullest, for decades, creating children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Looking at the pallbearers who were all great friends of mine broke my heart. No young man should have to do that for a friend. It's just sad. The Barry's continue to be in my prayers constantly all day long. Mom couldn't even look at them. My heart hurts for them so badly. I cannot imagine....don't want to.
When my mom called me to tell me about Seth I told her that it was so strange because just 2 nights before he ran across my mind. I told her I haven't talked to Seth in a while so it was kinda strange that he just popped in my head. Then my mom said something to me that I think has forever changed my life. She said that she has moments like that where people she hasn't seen or thought about in a while come into her head for no reason. She said she believes that's God saying to you 'pray for them.' I believe she is 100% correct. From now on, when someone random pops in my head, instead of thinking to myself 'weird, wonder what they're up to.' I'm going to instead say a quick prayer for them. You never know what God may do with that.
I have so many thoughts going through my head but I don't want to bore anyone with them. All that I want to say is the word blessed has taken a whole different meaning to me. From now on blessed is my family and my friends that I get to see and talk to whenever I want to. That's a blessing and I'm beyond greatful for that.

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