Monday, January 25, 2010

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I have been MIA from the blogger world because I had a special celebration last weekend. My 1 year wedding anniversary! Scott and I got married a year ago on Sunday. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was such an amazing and beautiful day! Everything I wanted and more.
While Scott and I were on our honeymoon, we made a decision to always take a trip on our anniversary so we could always make it a big celebration! So a few months ago Scott contacted his family's travel agent telling her what we were wanting. She did great finding Jade Mountain for us so we're letting her take over from now on! She emailed us back with some options, we fell in love with one of them, and decided to go with it!
So Scott went to his boss and told him our plans and his boss said no!! WHAAAAT? He said that was their most busy time and we'd have to go sometime between March and May because that's when they're slow. can't even imagine my rage. I cried even. Not at Scott....just his ridiculous work schedule. (Remember the night he came in at 4 am only to get up and go back to work at 8 am? Yeah....) So we're taking our trip later. We're booking tomorrow. I'll post where we're going tomorrow! SO our anniversary weekend rolls around the corner and I'm really sad because I always imagined us to be away celebrating it somewhere. Not eating at Bonefish, Bordinos, or Theos like we do every weekend. So I start internet searching and decided we just needed to go to VEGAS!! But I wanted to make sure we were there on Sunday since that was our actual anniversary date so Scott needed to take Monday off. So he asked his boss and again...he said NO!! Ugh. Like....SO MAD. Again...not at Scott.
Well, I think Scott realized how important it was for me to be away. Everyone has their things that are important to them and celebrating our anniversary in a really big way is very important to me. I never want that day to be an ordinary day for us. So Scott talked to me about going to Memphis or Dallas or Kansas City for the weekend and while all three places I love, they're all 5 hours away and we'd spend our anniversary driving in a car since Scott just couldn't miss work on Monday. (ugh)
So by Saturday I had given up. I went over to Jaclyns and was super sad. I came home and Scott wasn't there. ??? About 45 minutes later he showed up with a bottle of this
And some of these....
and told me to pack my bags because we were going to Eureka Springs. He said he was so sorry our trips didn't work out but Eureka is only an hour from our house, we can stay on Sunday night and wake up and drive home in the morning and he can still make it to work. Plus, since it's a touristy town they'd have great restaurants open on Sunday for us to eat at and we could celebrate our anniversary on the actual day. I'd never been to Eureka before and had always wanted to go so we packed our bags and 45 minutes later we were headed out of the door.
Scott booked us the best room at the Crescent Hotel which was so beautiful! It was built in the late 1800's and totally looked like it on the inside! Very Victorian, old & restored, just very historic! So cool.
We arrived at the Crescent around 6 and got settled in then headed to Ermillios for dinner. Okay umm...YUM! Italian, amazing, cozy, relaxing, chill, inexpensive. Delicious!! Scott and I are totally driving there one night just to eat then coming back. So good! A new fav.
After dinner Scott suggested we check out some local pubs since they're supposedly really cool and part of the whole 'eureka flare' so we headed downtown to check them out. We walked in and Scott was like ' we don't belong here.' Throughout my weekend I learned that Eureka is very umm...hippie. Scott and I are more city folk! We stood out like a sore thumb. It was okay though because we still had a great time. On Sunday we had an amazing brunch at our hotel then walked around downtown Eureka. We ate lunch at Local Flavor which was yummy then we came back to our hotel to relax. Scott made us reservations at Rogues Manor for our anniversary dinner. We popped open our champagne while we were getting dressed then headed to Rogues for a delicious dinner!Our dinner was amazing! Filet for Scott, Sea Bass for me.
We brought the top of our wedding cake as our dessert. Actually the lady who made my cake made a whole separate cake for us to eat on our 1 year anniversary so we wouldn't have to deal with the mess of the top layer and all that. I was surprised when I opened the box and this is what it looked like. I was a little nervous about how good it would taste after being frozen for a year but it was delicious!! It's so huge! Scott and I have been snacking on it still. I think we'll finish it off by tonight.
All in all it was a really fantastic weekend. It was very simple but very perfect because it was just me and Scott and really great food! We had such a great time. No internet access, no working on the laptop, no worries. Just us! The way it should be all the time. I wouldn't change it for anything. Not even our beach trip or Vegas. It was simply perfect. I've had the best year of my life. I've got my buddy! My best friend all the time. He takes care of me and makes me feel safe. They say the first year is the hardest. If so then I feel really great about all of the years ahead because the first year was absolutely fabulous!

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