Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow Storm

Two in one day?? Woo Hoo I'm bored. So I've been watching the news (you know how I love to watch the news) and we, I believe, are getting a very bad winter storm this weekend. Yay! Okay people hate these but I love them. Scott says it's because I'm from South Arkansas. He blames everything on that. I memorize words to a rap song and he's like 'it's cause you're from SA. Or I love Dairy Queen and he's like 'it's because you're from SA.' Anyways...I get excited about snow storms. I love snow! I know I probably seems like an incredibly prissy girl given the shoes, and the hair job, and the pageants and all that but I totally love outdoorsy stuff. Like I'd love to go camping but Scott would never go for that. Hiking? Love to. Rafting? Duh! Hike Everest? Check. I really want to buy a bike so I can go biking or whatever you call it. I definitely have a masculine side to me....I guess that's what you would call it. So while I love summer I truly enjoy the winter as well.
Last year NWA got a terrible winter storm. I happened to miss it since I was in sunny St. Lucia at the time. Everyone in the airport who knew we were from Arkansas was like 'oh you guys got it bad!!' Scott and I were like 'HUH??? Clueless.' (we didn't have a tv on our honeymoon) So we missed it all. I was definitely in for a surprise when I arrived at my house in Fayetteville and my 1 little tree was sitting on my roof. Neat.
Brrr!!! It's freakin freezing in my house right now. Where's Scott? He's usually sitting on the couch with me. Now that I think about it he's been MIA from the living room for a good 30 minutes. What in the world could he be doing....
ANYWAYS. I love Karl Rove.
Anyways again.....Braclyn came over for din tonight. We introduced them to the wii. They loved it! We've got a pending wii date for the weekend. I knew Brad would enjoy. He made sooooo much fun of Scott for his boxing video. Brad looked the exact same. He actually looked over at me at one point and said 'don't record this.' I got really tickled because Brad tried SO HARD to win this tennis game. Jaclyn got up and beat Brad's record by a zillion points on her first try. HEHE.
Alright well....I guess it's shower time. You know how I have to have my nightly shower. Plus TMZ is on and it requires my full attention.

PS Scott was folding clothes. Love that.

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