Sunday, January 17, 2010

Globes Results

Of course I watched from Red Carpet Premiere at 4 til the very end! I LOVE award shows.
Let's start with red carpet. Who did I like....well that may have to come tomorrow when I can just do a picture post. Let's talk about how it's becoming popular to not walk the red carpet. Reese, Jennifer, & Kate are starting to become huge fans of that which I don't support. Cameron didn't walk it too. Not cool.
Let's talk about how Jennifer Aniston thinks the only color that exists is black and how she thinks her hair can only be worn down and plain. I'm so over that. So I love her. LOVE HER. I'll watch any movie she's in. But really why does she only wear black and why is her hair always just blown with a diffuser and then that's all? I would fall off the couch if I ever saw her in purple or blue or pink. I wish she would just step out of the box. She discovered she likes black and ran all the way to the finish line with it. It's not just for award shows although that's the main place she wears only black. It's in her every day clothing as well. I'm over it. Over it. I will no longer look forward to seeing her on a red carpet since I already know what she'll look like. She's my fav celebrity but I'm so annoyed with her from now on out.
Let's talk about how Courtney Cox is unbelievably gorgeous and how nobody ever talks about it. Why isn't she on People's most beautiful cover ever? She's drop dead gorg. I wish people gave her more recognition for it.
Yay for Glee!!
I'm gonna need to go see Avatar.
You know I'm obsessed with The Blind Side. It's without a doubt one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I'm so so happy Sandy won best actress for it. You know they say the Golden Globes are basically the same winners as the Oscars. I'm crossing my fingers!
Speaking of Sandra Bullock did you see The Proposal? It's so good!!! (To the the walls!!)
Okay...the after show on E! just started. Gotta devote my attention to it. My favorite Globe gowns tomorrow....

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