Friday, January 15, 2010

Golden Globes

TGIF. I'm so happy it's the weekend. I've been bored all week long. I feel as if my life is lacking excitement. It's just been blah. Mom and Dad are off in Vegas having a grand ol' time. They go to Vegas probably 7 times a year I swear. They loooove Vegas. I talked to Mom last night and she said we'll take a girls trip soon. GOOD! I'm in desperate need of one. I'm sure we'll go to Vegas....
I'm excited because the Golden Globes are on Sunday! It's my favorite award show. TV & Movies! Can't get much better. I always want to eat pizza when award shows are on. I don't know why.
I'm thinking about doing a pilates class at 12 during lunch. I've never done a pilates class before. I know they're a great workout for your muscles though. We'll see. I'm trying to be better about mixing up my workout.
Hmm....okay I'm really boring. I just can't think of anything exciting to write about. That proves how boring my life is. Have a great weekend.
Take a look at some pictures I found of movie stars at the Golden Globes in the 50's and 60's. Oooohh to have only been so lucky to have been alive during those glamorous times!!!!

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