Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Idol, Eye Doctor & The Bachelor

I'm watching the season premiere of AI right now. I know so many people love this part, with the auditions and all but it's my least favorite. I'm tempted to try and find some 'grandest yacht' 'best beach homes' 'best lake homes' kinda show. I love those.
Today I finally had my eyes checked. I've been due for a loooong time. I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for about 4 months now. For those of you who don't know, the max time is supposed to be 2 weeks. I never know who to go to as far as doctors go up here in NWA. I've been pleased with all of Scott's doctors so far. He recommended an eye doctor to me so I went to him. LOVE HIM!! He's so great. Young. I like young doctors. He's actually the brother-in-law of one of my Sigma Chi buddies! And his wife's best friend is originally from El Dorado and she just happened to go to my church so I know her family very well. Anyways...I got 5 packs of contacts and a new pair of glasses. I felt I needed a 'nerdy' looking pair of glasses as opposed to my classic Kate Spade glasses that I only feel cute wearing after I've washed off my make-up while wearing my PJ's watching TV. Glad it's over with.
Speaking of doctors, I finally figured out my intense, sharp, miserable pelvic pains. I have endometriosis. That just goes to show how ignorant my doctor is. She should have picked up on it immediately instead of making me go to hospitals and other doctors 14 times. The other partner in her practice figured it out in 8 minutes tops. I'll be seeing her from now on. Actually my mom thought that's what it was from the beginning. Anyways, I've got it under control now and have been feeling great. Not that big a deal. A lot of people have asked so just thought I'd tell.
Anyone watch the Bachelor last night? I haven't watched it for a good 5 seasons. I got suckered in because of all the publicity from Rozlyn. So Scott and I watched last night. That show kills me. I roll my eyes the whole time. They're so cheesy and I hate how they scream when they see the guy. It's so redic. Be cool girls. Be cool. Anyways, it blew my mind when the girls cried when they were told Rozlyn was leaving. Seriously? The prettiest girl just got kicked out. Smile and be happy. I could never be on that show. I told Scott if I were though I'd totally be the hard to get girl who was super cool and chill. Haven't people figured out by now that's what works? Anyone remember Tina Fabulous from senior year in high school? So obsessed with her! I'd be just like her.
Hmmm...okay I'm gonna try to find a yacht show now. TTYL.

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