Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas 2009

This post is much delayed! I thought I'd share my Christmas with everyone. This year was a great Christmas! Landon was in Arkansas this year which made Christmas more magical! He is spoiled rotten in our family given that he's the only grandchild. Our Christmas celebrations were typical for Scott and I. We celebrated with his Mom and Steve on the 23th, had Christmas with his Dad's side of the family on the 24th then drove down to Little Rock to spend it with my family on the 25th, and on the 26th with my extended Luttrell family. It always makes it nice because Christmas lasts 4 days!! This year was a little bit different for my family since Landon was here. I woke up around 8:30. We sat around and waited for Kyle to tell us when Landon was up because we were going to head to his house to watch Landon open presents. He didn't wake up until about 9:30!! Can you believe that? I was up at 4 a.m. on Christmas when I was his age. Kyle lives close to my parents so Mom, Dad, Scott and I hopped in the car and headed to Kyle's to watch Landon open all of his presents.

Santa Clause had some cookies and milk!

After Landon opened all of his presents at my brothers, the rest of us headed back home so Mom and I could finish up our Christmas cooking! We had lunch around 1:30 then Landon got to open a zillion more presents from his Pops and Gamma and me and Scott.

Mom and I got really tickled at this. Here is Landon's present to his Daddy. Mom wrapped it and told Landon to fill out the card. She said 'okay Landon put to Daddy from Landon.' So he wrote his name first then mom said 'now put Daddys name here write D-A-D..." and Landon interputed her and said 'that's not how you spell his name. It's K-Y-L-E' So that's what he wrote on the card. To Kyle from Landon. Haha!
So that was our Christmas! It was a great one! I know Landon had a fantastic Christmas. To finish off, I was standing in the kitchen and saw Landon through the window trying to use his pogo stick. I thought it was cute so I filmed it. Merry Christmas!

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