Sunday, January 10, 2010

High Maintance? Nah.

Every time I go on group trips with friends I realize how 'different' I am from them. I never realize this in my day to day life because Scott and I are SOOO alike with everything and my Mom and Dad are the same too....probably why I am the way I am. Here's some examples and my friends know I feel this way. I'm pretty sure it drives them crazy and they think I'm 'high maintenance' for this but I, of course, think it's totally the right way to do it.
1.) I take two showers a day. One in the morning and one right before I go to bed. The before bed shower is absolutely a necessity. I cannot crawl into my sheets being dirty. It grosses me out. Scott used to not do that but I required that he did....and now he's the same way. He can't get in bed dirty...grosses him out now too.
2.) I shave my legs every. single. day. Seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. DAY. This occurs during my morning shower. My mom does too so I never realize that's weird until I find that my friends don't do that. I was super duper sick one time about 2 years ago and I actually didn't at all that day (you know I was super sick if I didn't do that) and I couldn't fall asleep because my prickly legs were rubbing against each other. I hopped up at 1 in the morning and got in the bath and shaved. All was well after that.
3.) I make my bed everyday. I've told you guys that before. Apparently people don't do that and it's weird that I do.
4.) I would never just leave anything out. Every item has a place to be stored and that's where it should go. Make-up bag--in the drawer. Hairdryer--drawer. Shoes--shoe rack. Coat--closet. You get it....Especially on a vacation. It's a small confined space!
5.) I cannot go to sleep if I know I have a dirty kitchen. All dishes, pots, pans, cups, and silverware are cleaned and in the dishwasher after every cooked meal.
6.) I don't like clutter. My house may have dust bunnies on the floor but you won't see one thing out of place. Except for right now I have two magazines and an empty water bottle on my floor but don't worry....they'll be thrown away as I head to bed.
7.) I think I wash my hands too much. I'm a big germaphobe. I wash my hands when most people wouldn't. Like....after pumping gas, doing dishes, cleaning the house, coming home from Walmart....etc. You know in the movie As Good As It Gets where Jack Nicholson's character opens up a brand new soap, washes his hands, then throws the soap bar away? Totally get it.
8.) I would never walk around a hotel barefoot. I've told you this before. Or take a bath (unless the place is super swanky) I've actually been a touch disturbed by a hotel before and layed the complementary laundry sack in the shower and stood on it.
9.) I wash my fruit with soap. I've told you that before too. Well hello!! Nasty hands in Walmart pick up that fruit, look at it, decide they don't want it then put it back. You don't know where those hands have been. And I would never keep deli meat past 4 days. It's old after that. Dr. Oz just said so the other day and it made me happy on the inside because I've always thought so. You can get salmonella.
10.) Last and most important....I'm very particular about the kitchen sponge. Okay so here's the deal. Everyone has a sponge right? Mine has a nifty little handle on it and you can stick soap in it. Anways. A kitchen sponge is sick nasty. I wash my hands if I just touch it. It lays in my sink. The same sink that I defrost chicken in and pour the chicken gut juice down. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to lick my kitchen sink. Even though it gets cleaned weekly with pinesol. Did you know that your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilets? The kitchen sponge is the number 1 source of germs in your entire house!!!!! Did you know that? Google it if you don't believe me. Remember that commercial where the lady says 'if you're doing this (kitchen sponge wiping down your counter top) you might as well be doing this (uncooked bone in chicken wiping down your counter top)" So here's my problem with the kitchen sponge. I get SOOOOOOOO uneasy and disturbed when I catch someone hand washing a pot, pan, casserole dish, plate, or wine glass......WITH THE SPONGE!!!! Like seriously I start sweating and I'm like 'OMG.' I've tried very hard to explain this to my friends and their response is 'I've never gotten sick.' Okay 1st of all lucky you and 2ndly....that's not the point! That is nasty and disgusting. Would you hand wash your pretty dishes with that sponge after I cleaned your toilet with it? I'm hoping no. Well your kitchen sink is dirtier than your toilet yet you still are hand washing your pretty dishes with that sick nasty sponge? I've seriously considered emailing Dr. Oz to tell him he needs to do a show on it because I feel like so many people do that and it's just not good. Just not good at all. If I hand wash's with a Brawney paper towel. Rest assured if you're coming to dinner at my house my dishes are 100% sanitary. Whew! I'm getting nauseous just thinking about watching someone hand wash a dish with the kitchen sponge....that lies next to the chicken gut juice, in your sink that is dirtier than a toilet.....
That's all. I'm sure there's some more. The thing is....I don't feel bad about it. You have to admit that my way isn't wrong. I'm sorry it's just not. I'm SO glad that Scott feels the same way about all of that. I married a man who is as neat and sanitary as me. The first time I went over to his house, he cooked me a nice meal and we watched The Breakup. But before we turned the movie on, he was cleaning up the dishes then pulled out the 409 to clean his counter tops. My heart fluttered and I was totally turned on. Seriously I texted my Mom to brag. Then I went to his bathroom and saw that he had Bumble and Bumble shampoo in his shower and I nearly died from happiness. That's a whole other story though....
So that's that. I'm proud to say that I'm happy that's the way I live my life and I'm SO happy my Mom and Dad raised me that way. Not that they really raised me like that it's just all I know. And yet again, God totally knew what he was doing by giving me Scott...he knows I couldn't handle a man any other way....and vice versa....happy Scott doesn't think I'm 'high maintenance' but sees that the way I do it is completely and totally right. :)

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