Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Days & Wii

It's snowing in NWA!!! You'd think I've been absent from snow for 18 years because I'm so excited about it. Colorado snow doesn't count. It's inevitable it's snowing there. You're actually more annoyed when it does snow because then it makes it harder to ski. Snow at your own home is different. It started snowing hard around 11ish last night. I woke up this morning and gasped when I looked out the window. So pretty!! And so much snow. I'm watching Extreme Makeover right now and 40/29 is doing a news ticker telling us that all of the schools are closed for tomorrow. How lucky do those kids feel!
I'm excited because all of my shows start back this week! I never know what to do with my nights when I don't have my shows. Housewives is coming on in 20. So excited!
So you wanna know what Scott and I have been wasting our time doing? Wii. My parents got Scott a Wii for Christmas and we are completely addicted. Scott more than me but I'm pretty obsessed too. We stayed up until 3 on Friday playing it, 1ish last night and played it all day long today. We are ridiculous because our arms are SOOOOOO SORE. No weight lifting could ever make me this sore I'm not even kidding. We blame it on doing the boxing game. It is hard core. We boxed each other and owie! My back ribs hurt but my biceps are miserable. I have a hard time pushing the soap pump when I wash my hands. That's how sore I am. I'm not exaggerating I swear. It seriously hurts to push the Bath & Body Works soap pump. Imagine how hard it was to carry in the groceries today. Scott's the exact same. He loves to pick me up and make me kiss him (it's our thing...silly I know) and he tried today and dropped me!!! We're weaklings. You try it. You'll be the same I promise.
Scott really tickeled me because he got really into the boxing....took his shirt off and had sweat beads dripping down his face. I snuck a video a few days ago. It's okay to laugh. I do....every time. (I'm gonna be in sooooo much trouble)

As predicted I got in trouble and I had to post a video of me boxing too from the other night. Which I'm embarassed of not because of how I look (I think I look pretty awesome) but because of things I say in the video like 'baby baby' which is what Landon says when he plays the wii and I always say it too because it really makes me laugh. And something else too but I don't think you can tell what I say so I'm not going to type it. Scott made me choose this video. Payback's a biotch.

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